An Important Lesson From 8 Monkeys

An Important Lesson from 8 Monkey's

Eight monkeys were put in a cage and given a simple, mechanical puzzle. Easy for humans to solve, but a lot harder for monkeys.

Without being prompted or urged too, the monkeys immediately started solving it. They were focused, determined, and appeared to be enjoying it.

Nobody had taught the monkeys how to solve the puzzle yet they had no trouble solving it. Nobody rewarded them with food or affection either.

This experiment founded a new motivation. Beyond our innate biological one and our actions based on rewards and punishments.

The performance of the task provided intrinsic reward. The monkeys solved the puzzles simply because they enjoyed it.

When the experiment was repeated, this time with raisons as a reward, they found that the monkeys made more errors and solved the problems less frequently.

It appeared this newly found third drive: intrinsic motivation, was in fact as basic and strong as the other two.

This was the first realisation of intrinsic motivation, yet we seem to forget this idea in our own life. We pursue rewards, avoid punishments and forget about doing tasks for the love of them.

But maybe these monkeys in the cage were teaching us an important lesson.

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