I Can Guess Your Favourite Movie Character

I Can Guess Your Favourite Movie Character

We’re always expected to be living our best lives and if not we feel pressure to ‘get it back together.’

We silence ourselves when we don’t feel like doing anything. For some reason, we hide the one thing we all have in common – that we mess up sometimes.

Think about your favourite character from a movie for a moment. I doubt they’re your favourite because they are perfect. Because perfect characters make for extremely boring stories.

We love the characters we can relate to, that have problems, face adversity, and have flaws… so why do you expect yourself to be so perfect all the time?

Often the flaws, struggles and problems we see in ourselves – are actually what makes us an interesting character.

When you take a step back and see your life as a TV show or movie, as a story, all of those struggles, low points and character flaws are nothing more than elements which make for a really memorable story.

So instead of trying to be a ‘perfect’ character, maybe instead we should be trying to create the most memorable story.

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