What This Generation Is Missing

What this generation is missing

Cathedrals were the once the focal point of civilisations. But to create these intricate structures took three to four generations of time and energy. Those that worked on the foundations never saw the walls or stained-glass windows. And those that built the walls never saw the spire. And the architect never saw the finished structure.

Despite this, every generation were obsessed and invested in making it spectacular.

They had faith in the future the Cathedral would bring. They were working on something bigger than themselves.

Yet, we live in the social media obsessed, constantly hustling, attention-less generation. Doing everything and anything we can to seek an instantaneous dopamine boost.

Our focus is on the pursuit of ‘overnight success’ so we can bask in the subsequent instant gratification. On desperately attempting to ‘change the world’ and striving to make our individual impact. But it feels like we have lost this bigger picture. This more important, long-term collective goal. The Cathedral we should be building.

The impact you really want to make, can’t be achieved by just you, or overnight. It will be through a deep, meaningful project with others.

What cathedral are you going to start building?

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