Taking One Giant Leap Forwards

Taking One Giant Leap Forwards

There is a division at Google called X. At X the main idea is to scrap the rulebook, forget incremental improvements and reinvent the way things are.

This has led the team to work on big questions like: can you read a plant like you read a book? What if beams of light could provide global access to fast, affordable internet?

The goal – to deliver radical 10X improvements. They call it Moonshots.

Moonshot thinking is about pursuing things that sound undoable, but if done, could redefine humanity.

When seeking small improvements, you work with the same ideas, technology and mental frameworks.

But to seek 10X improvements, you need to start with a blank slate and believe nothing is off-limits, or too crazy.

It’s about loving the process and journey, fully committing to the mission before you even know if you can reach it and setting super ambitious goals.

What 10X improvement can you make in your life to make a huge leap forwards? It’s time to aim for the moon.

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